Roasted Cashew Nuts Variety Pack (8.4 oz.)

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who would have though a plain, lightly salted, cashew would taste to good. I think the secret is the freshness.


Our variety pack has 4 different flavors of roasted cashews: Spicy, Honey Sesame, Sweet & Salty and Lightly Salted:

Spicy with Lime Leaves and Garlic: A blend of cut chilies, lime leaves and garlic, roasted for a delicious flavor of South East Asia. Not too hot, just enough spice to kick things up. One of our best-sellers.

Honey Sesame: We drizzle honey on the roasted cashews, then sprinkle sesame seeds to enhance the nutty flavor. One of our best-sellers.

Sweet & Salty: The combination of both flavors with a slight hint of garlic create an irresistible flavor sure to tantalize your tastebuds and crunch any craving.

Lighlty Salted: These delicious cashews have a mere hint of salt and garlic that enhance the natural taste of each cashew in every crunch.

Includes four 2.1-oz. packages of roasted cashews.

We work directly with Indonesian cashew farming communities. Our homemade gourmet roasted cashews are the perfect on-the-go snack for people who are health conscious. We roast cashews in small batches and season them with fresh ingredients like hand-chopped chillies and garlic cloves, without the use of preservatives. They are individually packaged in our unique airtight aluminium foil to preserve freshness.


Spicy: roasted cashews, garlic, chili, spices

Honey Sesame: roasted cashews, honey, sesame seeds

Sweet & Salty: roasted cashews, garlic, sea salt, sugar

Lightly Salted: roasted cashews, garlic, sea salt



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Aug 19, 2009
By buttercrumb
If you love cashews, you have to try these! Hands down, these are the best cashews I've ever tasted & I ate a lot of different cashews. The flavors are so unique & delicious. These are not your typical cashews. All flavors are equally delicious. I shared them with friends & family & they all LOVE these yummy snacks.
We support cashew farming communities in Indonesia, seasoning their fresh, high-grade cashews with natural, local ingredients.
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